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Port Arthur Departure Scenic Flights

Can I use my phone while flying in the helicopter?
We presume you’re not wanting to make phone calls! Phones are perfectly fine to be used
throughout the flight for taking photos, sharing images on Facebook or Snapchatting to your
heart’s content.

Do you offer concession rates?
No, sorry. All Fares are on a per seat basis.

What can I bring with me onboard the helicopter?
On your flight you will be permitted to take only your camera (or phone). All other items and
bags can be left in the office for collection at the end of your flight.

Why do you ask for my body weight when I make a booking?
Our helicopters have limited payload they can lift so for the safety of all guests and crew we
need to know accurately what the total weight of our aircraft is. This also helps us in planning
refuelling requirements for the helicopter. Individual guests in excess of 110kg will be required to pay for an additional seat as we will be required to restrict further seats on the aircraft.

What happens if the weather is bad?
We like to keep you informed about the weather and give you options. If a decision is made
in advance about the weather you will have the option of amending your tour to a date of your choosing or cancel with a full refund. 

Will I get motion sick?

Helicopters are aircraft (oh yeah?) and they do sometimes move around and experience turbulence just like any other. In saying this, they are usually a lot smoother in flight than a fixed-wing aircraft which ‘rides the bumps’. The big windows, airflow and distractingly good views keep most people feeling A-OK. We do have sick bags on board just in case though! 

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