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See beautiful coastline, a pink lake, and impressive river gorges Depart Kalbarri Airport for a once in a lifetime opportunity on this 45 minute flight to see the Pink Lake at Hutt Lagoon near Port Gregory. Fly over the Kalbarri town and low along the beachfront before climbing to cliff height to view the spectacular…

From $199 / per person

Join this 1 hour 45 minute scenic trip offering an immense scope of what the Kalbarri region has to offer. Heading past Kalbarri, the mouth of the Murchison River, Coastal Cliffs and Bluff Point, enjoy a 20 minute flight past Gantheume Bay to the Abrolhos Islands. Descending low past East Wallabi, West Wallabi and the…

From $350 / per person

Islands, Shipwrecks, Snorkelling and a Pink Lake Begin the morning by flying over the town of Kalbarri, then along the majestic Coastal Cliffs that tower over Gantheume Bay, with the lovely red sedimentary rock colors. The coastal cliffs¬†have been over 400 million years in the making and were once part of an ancient coral reef…

From $349 / per person

See impressive coastal cliffs on your way to the beautiful Monkey Mia and the friendly dolphins Depart Kalbarri and head north, low and parallel to the coast, past the impressive Zuytdorp Cliffs where the Dutch merchant ship sunk in 1712. Next, fly past Womerangee Hill, which at 900 feet is the highest part of the…

From $650 / per person