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Milford Sound Scenic Flights

Piopiotahi Milford Sound: Fly, Cruise, and Fly Again with Scenic Flight Booker

Appreciate the magnificence of Aotearoa New Zealand with Scenic Flight Booker! We help people to experience the incredible natural beauty of Piopiotahi Milford Sound with scenic flights and boat tours. Depart from Wanaka or Tāhuna Queenstown and enjoy a scenic flight over the beautiful landscape before stopping off at Milford Sound Village. From there, you can take a boat cruise to appreciate the beauty of the towering rock faces and incredible waterfalls before returning to shore and reboarding your flight.

This incredible reserve is famous for its exciting marine life, with dolphins, stingrays, and black coral calling its deep waters home. Its Te Reo name “Piopiotahi” comes from Maori mythology and paints an apt picture of nature’s unwavering ability to rule supreme. The story tells of a thrush (or piopio) who crossed the sea with Maui as he travelled to challenge Hine-nui-te-po, the Goddess of Death, in an attempt to win eternal life for mankind. Ultimately, Maui lost the battle, highlighting nature’s power over life, and the little piopio flew south to mourn.

Immerse Yourself in the Serene Beauty of Piopiotahi Milford Sound with Scenic Flights and Cruises from Scenic Flight Booker

Scenic Flight Booker offers Milford Sound scenic flights and cruises to anyone who wants to experience the vast mountain ranges and ink blue waters of The South Island. Take a cruise along the length of the fiord with our boat tours, or get a bird’s eye view of the mountains and glaciers with our scenic flyovers. However you choose to explore the breathtaking scenery of Milford Sound, Scenic Flight Booker will make it an unforgettable experience. Contact us to enquire about our cruises, aeroplane, and helicopter flights to Milford Sound, or book with Scenic Flight Booker today.