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Horizontal Falls Flights by Aeroplane

Scenic Flights to Horizontal Falls by Aeroplane

The Horizontal Falls have been described by naturalist David Attenborough as “one of the greatest wonders of the natural world”. In the turquoise water of Talbot Bay, the fast moving tidal current squeezes through a break in-between the McLarty Ranges creating a waterfall effect. Not accessible by land, to see this spectacular sight take a Horizontal Falls scenic flight by aeroplane.

Along with the Falls, see the stunning features of the Kimberley coastline, the Buccaneer Archipelago and the Dampier Peninsula. Choose a half day or full day Air Tour and stop off at Cygnet Bay to explore the Pearl Farm or Giant Tides tour. Enjoy some refreshments, a swim in the warm waters or a cultural tour. The Horizontal Falls trip is an exciting opportunity to see this great wonder in the real life.