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Horizontal Falls

Spectacular Scenic Flights to the Horizontal Falls

The Horizontal Falls, also known by its Dambimangari name Garaanngaddim, is only accessible by sea or air and promises incredible views to all who visit. Highly regarded as a genuinely breathtaking ocean phenomenon, it’s no wonder seaplane flights to The Horizontal Falls are loved by sightseers and locals alike. The location was described by David Attenborough as “one of the greatest wonders of the natural world”, and is located in the turquoise waters of Talbot Bay. The magic of the falls is caused by fast-moving tides squeezing through a small break in-between the McLarty Ranges, causing water flow to build up and create the horizontal effect.

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Scenic Flight Booker offers aeroplane, helicopter, and seaplane flights to the Horizontal Falls to anyone who wants to observe its beauty in the best way. Traverse the crystal blue waters to immerse yourself in the area, or soar over the picturesque landscape for a bird’s eye view of its deep red sandstone and phenomenal tides. However, you choose to explore this infamous location, Scenic Flight Booker will make sure it’s an unforgettable adventure. Contact us to enquire about our helicopter, aeroplane, and seaplane flights to the Horizontal Falls, or book with Scenic Flight Booker today and experience the power of nature up close.